Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Victorial and Angelo at the JC Raulston Arboretum this Spring

The first time I met Victorial and Angelo was right before their ceremony. Sometime life works that way and I have to thank Life and The Divine for bringing such wonderful people to me.

Victorial and Angelo had a very small wedding - small in numbers of guests but not small in spirit. Victorial's two sisters were there with their partners, and Angelo's mother was there, and delightfully Victorial and Angelo's two children.
They also had Raleigh photographer Tina Loebach who took these wonderful pictures and many many more all over the arboretum.

You can see their beautiful daughter. Their son is an infant in a stroller who was remarkably calm despite the heat of the day. They had wanted a lovely setting that was inexpensive and I was able to suggest the JC Raulston Arboretum which they loved. I'd only had phone conversations with Victorial to plan the ceremony so was surprised by the graceful and beautiful woman I encountered in the parking lot, her dress swirling around her in the spring breeze. Gathering everyone up there, we then made our way to the gazebo. Which if you haven't seen it, is in a small clearing perfect for a small wedding. This was a Friday morning, which was probably why we could find it free on such a great day.

I felt especially fond of Victorial and Angelo because Angelo and his mother communicate in Spanish, and she communicates in Spanish to the children, too. My Sweetheart Ruben was born in Cuba and came to the US when Castro finally and completely closed the border. He and his mother still prefer to speak Spanish to each other. My daughter is bilinqual in Spanish, too. It's such a wonderful gift to give your children, if you can. (Unfortunately, my Spanish stays at a rusty beginner level.)

Victorial and Angelo chose a classic ceremony which fit their style and their busy lives raising two beautiful children.

I wish them all the best and I know their memories and their pictures from this simple yet wonderfully sweet wedding will stay with them forever.

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