Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rich and Elle at The Aqueduct Center in Chapel Hill

Rich and Elle are delighted to find each other. You can see that in every interaction they have. And their families and friends are delighted, too. You could see that in the laughter and easy banter at the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.

And what a ceremony it was. I've never had quite such a musical set of people. We were lucky that April 10th was such a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding at The Aqueduct Conference Center in Chapel Hill. And it was just perfect. I'm especially glad since Rich's friends and family from England were all there in force and our Carolina Blue sky did us proud. Out of town folks stayed at the center, too. Julie Hamilton, the Event Coordinator at The Aqueduct, could not have ordered better weather had she been able to.

The best of these wonderful pictures are taken by their photographer, Michael Moss. My favorites are both the first and final pictures of this blog. He also took the picture of their sand ceremony. That final picture is especially stunning and full of grace. I'm sure Elle and Rich will cherish it forever.

Rich and Elle are both fun, smart, and have the same sense of humor. They love that they can be all the way from silly to serious together without judging each other. And they're both caring and thoughtful people who communicate genuine respect for the others' opinions. I'm glad because I think they really enjoyed their wedding and this foundation bodes well for their marriage.

Elle's mother and sister sang a truly wonderful a capella rendition of 'Amazing Grace' that touched us all. Elle's brothers sang 'I'm Yours' and their friend Alex sang 'Brand New Day.' Musical interludes at a ceremony can feel forced but not this time. These songs were touching, relevant, heart felt, classy, and were beautifully done.
Add to this the wonderful ceremonial processional and recessional music of Twin City Trio of Elegant Ensembles.

Elle's Aunt Annette offered us the poem 'Why marriage' by Mari Nichols-Haining, and Rich's Aunt Janet read that wonderful piece about love from Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres speaking of lasting love being both an art and a fortunate accident.

Elle and Rich wrote their own vows to each other, too. Then they each ended their vows with classic vows that were the same. I love the combination of one's own words followed by the timeless words of love that anchor one in the eternal understanding of love and commitment. Then you have both the personal and the classic in your ceremony.

Rich and Elle shared a sand ceremony which was just right for the mood and the symbolism. We blessed their marriage with these wonderful words of reflection: "Oh how our hearts are filled with great happiness on this day. Richard and Danielle have come together here in love, pledging their lives and hearts to one another. ...Help them to be sweetheart, helpmate, friend, guide and together, may they meet the cares and problems of life more bravely." It's a longer blessing in total, with more wonderful words.

We ended with 'Bless this wedding day and this couple as they go forth together.' I add my blessing to that again. It's been fun that Elle are I are now friends on Facebook. I love hearing their news as they start their married life together.

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