Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Joe and Erika and Their Children Celebrate Their Love at Leblon Steakhouse in Greensboro

Erika called me about two weeks before she wanted her wedding. She and Joe had planned to marry at the courthouse in Greensboro, and then have dinner with her family and friends at Leblon Brazilian Steakhouse in Greensboro. But when she and Joe went to the courthouse to get their license, they decided that it wasn't for them. They said it felt like a guy in handcuffs and an orange jump suit would be the essential element of the decoration.

I often get calls from folks who tell me that their local courthouse smells musty, or is right next to the DWI court, or just feels too impersonal, and I sure understand.

I was delighted that I had Friday evening of December 17th open and we could plan a ceremony that suited who she and Joe are.
She apologized for not having time to plan, then told me that she was the mother of two year old twins and a wonderful son from Joe's first marriage named Josh. A busy lady. I love honoring their children in the ceremony so was happy to create a words that included them.

You see all three children in the picture above. The twins both had bad colds. They were unhappy anywhere but in their parent's arms. I sure understand and so did they. So Erika and Joe held the twins and we all knew and could feel how much love they had for those little lives they held, for Josh standing so maturely by, and for each other.

In honor of Erika's Jewish heritage we offered a small blessing over wine, 'May your way be blessed. May wisdom's light shine upon you. May your journey bring you peace.' Then they shared the wine together, and kissed.

Joe also broke the traditional glass and we all yelled 'Mazel Tov.'

Then they turned around to receive hugs from the 20 or so friends and family there, many of whom had driven from Maryland to celebrate with them.

Erika emailed me a few days after their ceremony with these pictures saying, 'Thank you again for everything you did for our wedding. I know it was unconventional, but it was perfect.'

I have to add kudos for Leblon Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse. Their service was impeccable and they did everything possible to help the occasion be joyful and go smoothly. Thank you to them, too.

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