Monday, January 24, 2011

Josh and Stephanie Marry at The Caffe Luna in Downtown Raleigh

On Sunday evening, January 16th, Stephanie and Josh had an intimate wedding at the Caffé Luna in downtown Raleigh. They wanted a simple non-traditional non-religious ceremony that was welcoming and warm, and celebrated their love. They were delighted to find the Caffé Luna where they could have their ceremony in one room and their reception in the room next door, catered by the cafe. Here's the room set up for their ceremony. First - looking to the back of the restaurant...

Now looking to the front of the restaurant...

We held the ceremony on the steps between the rooms, or what would be the front left of the photo.

Guests gathered for hors d'oeuvres at 5:30 and we began the ceremony at 6:00. I simply asked guests to move into the room where the ceremony would be help, then Josh and Stephanie walked through the archway to join me at the steps between the rooms. After the ceremony I told guests that Josh and Stephanie would be greeting guests in a receiving line and then join the couple for dinner in the other room.

The moment held lots of sweetness as they declared their love and commitment before their families and friends.

Their wedding had wonderful personal touches. Stephanie wore a lovely red dress which suited her beautifully and Josh wore a suit and red tie. Their cake, by Ashley Cakes was one of the most delightful and whimsical ones I've seen.

When Ashley was setting it up, she told me that it was her favorite cake of the whole year.

Josh and Stephanie didn't have a photographer and didn't pose for photographic moments so please excuse the quality of my pictures. Luckily the cake was easy to capture.

I officiate so many ceremonies at the Caffé Luna that I especially wanted other couples to see another possibility for a simple no-frills ceremony and reception that was full of personality and love. I wish Stephanie and Josh all the best! They are dear people.

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