Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lee and Anna @ The Cotton Room @ Nov 12

Lee and Anna are funny people in that warm easy-to-laugh, twinkle-in-the-eye kind of way. I loved being a part of their wedding. She's a writer and he's an artist but they said, 'between the two of us we're at a loss as to how we want to express ourselves. Go figure.' :)

I sure understand that - few couples have any idea of how to do this since they've never - or almost never - done this before. I had fun helping them figure it out.

Even their story was a delight - one of those meant-to-be kind of stories where she had a free three day membership to a match website and he was her first choice. And they're very different people - she is northern, he is southern, she's academic and he's good-ole-boy, she was raised Polish Catholic and he was raised to be agnostic. In their wedding we celebrated that love does find us in unexpected places and at unexpected times!

They're been together two years and are both incredibly kind sweet people. The Universe sends me such lovely people to marry. Thanks too to Sarah Shaw of Spots of Time Photography for almost all these great shots. I took a couple for me. Those are the ones not up to professional quality.

They wanted their friends and family to be a part of their wedding. Family members were making Polish desserts. There's a wonderful picture below of just those tempting sweets. Of course thanks to Theresa Syros of Triangle Catering for adding their own goodies, too.

One of their friends was the DJ and another did the flowers and another did amazingly creative centerpieces and name cards. (See the picture below. They were amazing.)

They held their wedding on the Friday night where the State Fair kept everyone from getting there on time so we just held up the wedding for 30 or so minutes until folks could arrive. I love that we could do that.

Here are two pictures of Anna's mother walking her down the aisle.

As always The Cotton Room was wonderful. It's so versatile and so elegant in the architectural details. Michelle Aldred of the Cotton Room coordinated the evening beautifully. The DJ was off to our left. Putting the ceremony in the corner of the room gave it a unique
space and loveliness. I'd not seen it done that way before and just had to get a picture.

This is looking from the ceremony site back toward the front door.

We celebrated the life had required that they step out of their comfort zone and in doing so, they had found love. I can see why they love each other. And they bring out the loveliness and delight in life in each other. I wish them a wonderful life - which I'm sure they have already. Blessed Be.

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