Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Lindsey, April, me and the Goats on Nov. 30th at The Celebrity Dairy

Lindsey and April told me that their wedding would be a small one, but I just didn't realize how small until I got there. They live in Fayetteville but were spending the weekend at The Celebrity Dairy located in Siler City, not far from downtown Raleigh or Pittsboro. Just the two of them. April and Lindsey would marry in secret and then tell their families on Christmas.

Two women who work at the dairy were gracious enough to be out witnesses. It was just the 5 of us, and the goats. :-) April had grown up around goats so she felt right at home and requested that we conduct the wedding ceremony under a big tree in the middle of the field. Why not! So we trooped out to the field and discovered that all the goats wanted in on the action. During the ceremony one of our witnesses took pictures on my Droid and I became the photographer after the ceremony. I was pleased but the credit goes to April and Lindsey for being so happy and in love.

I grew up in the burbs so having a goat nibble on my shawl was a surprise but she didn't do any damage - just gummed it a little. I was glad! They were really fun. Especially the goat Jerry Lee Lewis who insisted on being in the center of the action during the exchange of the rings.

I was really impressed with Lindsey and April. They created a lovely ceremony that didn't scrimp just because there would only be the three of us at witnesses. It was full and rich and included the Hands Ceremony. I loved being a part of it.

After the ceremony we took advantage of all the 'goat photo ops'. These were in the barn.

This next photo is on the front steps of the main building of the dairy. It's really a wonderful B and B as well as a working farm. It's modern, artistic, comfortable and the staff and owners are warm friendly folk.

With a longer view here.

I've done lots of weddings at The Celebrity Dairy over the years and had a fun time being the photographer in addition to the minister for a change. It's a picturesque place.

Lindsey and April wanted to give wedding pictures as Christmas gifts so I wanted them to have a good selection to choose from. Here's their wedding cake. April works as an assistant in a bakery and the only person who knew about their wedding beforehand was the baker who helped with the cake. A cake just big enough for the two of them. I loved it.

And of course what's a dairy without a cat. Also very friendly. I've officiated other weddings here where the cats are the ones in the limelight, walking down the aisle during the ceremony, lounging in the grass, drawn by all the love. And of course the possibility of some pets.

April and Lindsey are a wonderful couple, clear, grounded, devoted, full of a sense of the adventure and possibilities in life. And they have families who support them all the way - their families just didn't know yet about the wedding.

I loved my surprise in the day, the biggest being how wonderful this couple is. They're playful, flexible in their expectations, loving and grateful for the experiences they share together, which is a perfect recipe for success in life and in marriage. I wish them all the best!

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