Thursday, October 10, 2013

James and Lila Wed on a Beautiful September Sunday

On September 22nd we had a glorious Sunday.  On this weekend all the Sunday weddings were blessed with beautiful clear cool weather because the front had moved through the previous day and all the Saturday outdoor afternoon weddings were rained out.  Lila and James were blessed to have a Sunday wedding.  This was pretty crucial for them as you will soon learn.

We held the ceremony at Starlight Meadow in Burlington.  Jeremy and Sarah, the owners of Starlight Meadow, are great to work with.  They are comfortable with work to keep everyone else on an easygoing everything-working-fine keel, too.  I thank them so much for this.  It really works.  James and Lila are easy going, too, so this was a perfect venue for them.  They wanted a simple ceremony with a hand-fasting that would use the family tartan.  You can see the tartan in the picture of the ceremony above.  And then their Red-Tail Hawk would fly down to present the rings to the Best Man.  This was a real treat and the she performed her role perfectly.  Here is a short video clip thanks to their videographer, Armin Goetsch of Happy Tear Videos.
Next, much thanks to Liz Grogan of Liz Grogan Photography for sharing her pictures of their ceremony.  And of course thanks to James and Lila for giving permission to me to write a blog about their ceremony.
 James also requested a short ceremony.  In formal wear in the heat is never a joy for men.  Formal wear just doesn't breathe!  I assured James that they could have a lovely meaningful ceremony that wasn't long.  That's one of the reasons I create a script with a couple.  That way they know that all their desires for their ceremony will be honored.  
I am a bird person.  And I wonder if my name being Robin has anything to do with it.  We have a Senegal parrot and three parakeets that we love and we seek out bird watching opportunities on all our vacations.  So I was delighted to be able to share some time with this lovely bird.   James wisely had her at the ceremony site easily an hour or two before the wedding so she could get used to what was happening.  And I understand that she spent some time with guests after the ceremony, too.  She was rewarded with some chicken neck for preforming so well.  I could have watched her again and again.

Russell Meadows, of Russell Meadows Floral and Nature Farm, provided the flowers for their ceremony.  The gazebo never looked lovelier.  Once again an instance where the person's name matches their calling.  I love it when that happens and it seems to always bode well. 
 Lila and James had the starlit meadow for evening pictures and brought their own light with them.  They beamed in all their pictures.  It's easy to see why.
 For their processional they chose the Johnny Cash recording of 'Rose of My Heart.'  It fit them perfectly.
Thanks, too, to Maxie B Cakes in Greensboro who provided their cake, and Above and Beyond catering.  The food looked amazing.  And Bernard Goetsch of BG Photography was there as well capturing more wonderful shots that I hope to see soon, too.   

James and Lila were a joy to have in my life.  They were playful, joyful, and excellent communicators.  And now I'll always think of them and their love when I see a Red-Tail Hawk!  I wish them many many blessings!

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