Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shawn and Regan Find the Bright Spot in the Day for Their Wedding

This was the weather that greeted us at Snipes Farm on the mid-August day of Shawn and Regan's wedding.  The one thing that Regan really wanted was to be married outside.  So we all put our hopes and prayers together and watched as the clouds darkened, wondering if it was possible.  And amazingly, and joyfully, it cleared up enough, for long enough.
There is a wonderful huge tree near the bottom of the meadow at Snipes Farm that is a long treasured spot to hold a ceremony.  The tree seems to offer strength and roots and a center to the ceremony.  I loved how Shawn and his men looked dapper on this warm day, eschewing formality for comfort.
Shawn teared up when he saw Regan enter.  They are a delightful couple, cherishing each other, delighting in finding each other, relishing their love.
They met when Regan visited NC from CA to see cousins.  It was love at first sight and a hard parting but it didn't take long for Regan to come back for good. 
Thanks to our photographer Dana Dillahunt of Dana Dillahunt Photography from Greensboro for these wonderful images.  She captured the feel of the day and the love that surrounded Regan and Shawn beautifully.

 Their cake was designed by Lori at Simply Cakes.  And it was uniquely them.
 I've always loved how Snipes Farm can transform into such an elegant setting.  The yellows, Chinese lanterns and the twinkle lights were a perfect contrast to the stormy day.
 Regan and Shawn closed a love lock as part of their ceremony. Regan's mother bought the lock in Florence Italy when she heard of the custom of putting a lock on the Ponte Vecchio bridge and throwing the key into the Arno River so that you are destined to return to Florence.  For Regan and Shawn, their love lock means that they have given each other the key to their heart - for good and forever.

In our blessing I said, 'May the love that warms our hearts today and the love that flows between Shawn and Regan always be strong.'  They may not have had a sunny day but the strength of their love did seem to chase the clouds away. 

Here is a 5 minute clip of the video of their wedding.  Enjoy!  And thank you Adam Coker, from Authentic Explosure.

 I loved having Shawn and Regan in my life and wish them many many blessings! 

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