Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nick and Beth Marry on a Stormy Saturday at The Hudson Manor

 This is the first time I officiated a ceremony at Hudson Manor.  It's really too far from my home but Nick and Beth had attended a ceremony of their friends that I have officiated and asked me to be a part of their wedding and they're such delightful people, I couldn't refuse.  On a questionnaire they tested 97% compatible and that shone all through the day.  We all watched with dismay as a huge story approached from the west and about a half hour before the ceremony is started to pour.  Luckily the manor has a lovely covered patio perfect for ceremonies.  And blessedly Beth and Nick concentrated on their love for each other and the love that was shown to them by their family and friends..   Thank you to Blue Box Photography for all these wonderful images!
We all delighted in all the water references during the ceremony and when thunder roared right when I pronounced them married and said, 'Those whom God has joined let no one put asunder.'  But it all started, in the ceremony that is, with Beth's lovely tears of joy.
 They love eating the great meals Beth cooks, playing board games and just lounging on the sofa together.  As long as they are together, they're happy.  They have found and created a home in each other's heart.
 Nick proposed to Beth on what she calls their 'Best Weekend Ever in New York City.'   When they wed, they said, 'With this ring I thee wed and join my life to yours. May it remind you that I am with you in spirit wherever you may go.'
Their reds and blues sparkled against the whites of the manor and the rainy day.  Fresh Affairs was responsible for all these lovely floral arrangements.  As a part of their wedding Beth and Nick gave each person a rock and asked them to write a blessing or a wish for them on the rock.  They had silver and gold pens with which to write what called to you.  It created a lovely and lasting weight of support and love blessing their marriage.  I'm glad that mine is a part of the collection.  I wish them much joy in the years ahead.

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