Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kal and Emily Have an Elegant Ceremony at The Umstead

I loved getting to know Kal and Emily.  They have been together more than 6 years, (I think it's up to 7 by now).  They met when he was her RA her freshman year at UNC.  They started out as friends and this is a wonderful foundation on which to build a marriage.  They have so much in common and also each have a twinkle in their eyes for all the ways they are different.  There is much to celebrate in their ceremony.  One thing too is the touch of class that is apparent in their wedding.   A special thanks to Blue Box Photography for these great photos!
Gotta love the bow tie! In their opening words I said, 'And so, building on over six years of learning, loving and creating, Kal and Emily are here today to take their relationship a step higher and to strengthen their bond even further as they join together in marriage.'
Emily is from Venezuela and she and Kal chose 'Sonnet XII' by Pablo Neruda for part of their ceremony.  It was perfect for them.  Part of their vows say, 'I take you as my partner, loving and respecting the amazing person that you are, and the person you will become.'  These words, too, seem to fit them seamlessly.
As they exchanged rings, the said, 'Accept this ring as a symbol of my everlasting love and devotion for all the years ahead.'
I pronounced them married with these words, 'My the joy of love, the grace of God, and strength of spirit be at the heart of the life you share together.'    
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful couples, like Kal and Emily, in my life. Couples with a genuine desire to grow in love, understanding and joy all their lives.  And from them I find hope for the planet, which will thrive based upon our commitment to loving relationships in all aspects of our lives.
The Umstead Hotel and Spa is a lovely outdoor venue and their staff is always very efficient and professional.  Kal and Emily's flowers were stunning, too.  They were provided by Brides and Bouquets in Cary.  Their musicians were from Arioso Strings, who are always flawless, too,

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