Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Caleb and Melanie Marry at Castle McColluch

The universe only brings me wonderful couples!
I was delighted to marry Caleb and Melanie on June 6th, 2010 at the Castle McCulloch in Jamestown, NC.

I met Melanie and Caleb way back in October of 2009. They were moving to Asheville in December so needed to get lots of their planning done early. They'd met at UNC Asheville through mutual friends and found that they shared not only their sense of humor but their political views, their love of playing board games and puzzles and their pets - 2 cats and 2 chinchillas.

They wanted a marriage ceremony which showed their commitment to each other and their love of their large combined family. They're both from Southern families with similar backgrounds (both their mom teach in public schools) and they share the same expectations about life and kids.
I loved their thoughtfulness. And their ceremony was lovely and touching because of it.

Castle McCulloch is lovely itself, so even entering the ceremony site humbled you with it's sturdy stone walls and ornate woodwork. The formality that Melanie and Caleb desired was perfect in this location. The St. Charles String Quartet played the music for the ceremony masterfully, and Clarke Carriker played the harp during the lighting of the unity candle.

Melanie had found this unique unity candle on EBAY. I loved it and wanted everyone to see the picture because it's so lovely. I wish my photo hadn't had so much glare.

They also followed the ancient tradition of Hand Fasting and instead of using one cord in which we tie many knots, we used several colors of ribbon, each ribbon tied with only one knot as they affirmed their binding promises. I tied the last ribbon through all the prior ribbons so they made one unit together. It was lovely.
Then we said, 'Though these ribbons no longer bind you, the bonds of matrimony still tie you together. May your love find lasting permanence, bound together in the fabric of life. May the protection of your marriage surround you, sustain you and comfort you. In the biding of these ribbons, may you remember the binding of your words, the vow of fidelity and trust you make today. May your lived be bound together, never to be torn asunder.'

The castle was full to the brim with guests and musicians and it was an especially warm afternoon, so I'm grateful to Randy Smith, Your Personal DJ, for his help with his sound system to which we attached my receiver. It was a critical element in such a long deep setting so full of people.

But everything went wonderfully and as I left to come home I could see that they were relaxing more and getting ready for the next step in their celebrations.

I'm delighted for them and their friends and family, who all cheered them on through the rehearsal, the wedding preparations and the wedding.

I wish them many blessings.

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