Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Vacation With Just a Moment of Wedding

From June 27th to July 14th my Sweetheart, Ruben, and I took a road trip logging 4000 miles on the car. We headed north up to Falling Water, the Frank Lloyd Wright house built over a stream in southern PA, still farther north through Niagara Falls (getting suitably wet on the Maid of the Mist boat) and then still farther north into Canada.

Neither of us had ever been to Canada so we hit some high points with a few days in Toronto, then Montreal and then Quebec City before heading to Nova Scotia for some camping and hiking. After that it was back to the US to Bar Harbor, Maine, Cape Cod, Mt. Vernon, then home.

Weddings were far from my mind until one day we emerged from the subway in downtown Montreal heading toward its Old Town right on the St. Lawrence River. On a street corner we passed a newly married couple who had just come out of their marriage ceremony. They kindly nodded when Ruben asked with a gesture if he could take their picture.

They had that radiant glow and generous spirit of a 'just married' couple much in love, surrounded by friends and family. So we simply snapped our photo, and silently wished them many blessings, as we continued on our way, holding hands, enveloped in their love.

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