Monday, August 23, 2010

Koen and Martha Wed at La Rez

La Residence in Chapel Hill, fondly known at La Rez, was the joyous scene of Martha and Koen's wedding on June 26th at 11am. A perfect time for a lunch reception. They met over two years ago in Chapel Hill and took their time, knowing what they felt between them was special and not wanting to mess it up.

They share a joy of life and the arts and a wonderful awareness of the precious gift that love can be.
I was delighted for them. They wanted their friends and family to feel secure in the knowing that their love would last and that it is right, and they wanted their ceremony to radiate this. They had both faced some rough years and difficult losses but they had weathered them and found that life opened up to new and wonderful love on the other side of their sorrow. They were ready to celebrate this amazing grace of their love for each other.

Graham Terhune Photography was our wonderful photographer. He provided some of these photos. The good ones. The others I took when I had the chance. You'll be able to tell the difference.
And here's a picture of Graham taking a picture of Koen, his brother, and his best man.

The staff at La Rez was fabulous! It's a wonderful setting for about 50 people. The staff at La Rez operated the IPOD for the prelude and ceremony music and went out of their way to ensure that everything they could do to help make things perfect was done.

And from the restaurant on the right:

I remember years ago when I did a ceremony here. The couple I was marrying played in a klezmer band that also played for the wedding. It was wonderful and the place rocked. It's an indoor outdoor space that can take on lots of different personalities. It's cooled by ceiling fans so you get rain protection but you do have the heat. After the ceremony everyone got cool inside, then had a delicious lunch.

This beautiful and delicious cake topped with fresh cherries was from Miel Bon bons in Carrboro.

The fresh lavender that Martha carried, and that was the decoration at the ceremony site, and that guests threw on the couple as they recessed, was provided by Sunshine Lavender Farm in Hurdle Mills (in Northern Orange County just north of Hillsborough). I hadn't known they were there. Now I'm glad I do.

We put the following in their ceremony, and these words fit them so well: 'Today we honor this seasoned love that brings together two mature people whose experiences have shaped them to recognize the grace of love that is peaceful, trusting, and rich in sharing - a love that will continue to grow and deepen through each new discovery and adventure - a love that will last a lifetime.'

Their joy radiated from them. I felt blessed to be a part of it on this special day.

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