Monday, August 23, 2010

Ryan and Tarrah Light Up The Fearrington

Some couples have a playfulness that is irrepressible. That's Ryan and Tarrah. You can see their delight in each other. They are that way every time I meet them.

Tarrah's an art teacher in Wake County (great paintings!) and Ryan's a software engineer. They met at Elon when they lived on the same hall and shared some friends who'd been Ryan's friends from high school. But that was almost ten years ago.
And it's been a great almost 10 years. They feel that each other are so easy to love and they've taken their time to deepen their love.

I enjoyed the story they told me about how Ryan proposed during year 8: They were getting ready to go out to see A Chorus Line in Raleigh and out to dinner beforehand. As Tarrah puts it, 'He'd been acting fishy and nervous'. Ryan had a challenge. Tarrah loves surprises but she's hard to surprise because she's so observant. But he succeeded - going down on one knee to officially propose.

Robin Lin was the superb photographer for that day at The Fearrington. She's always a joy to work with. Here's their first kiss as husband and wife. I try to get out of the way so the photographer can crop me from the picture pretty easily.
I love this shot of Ryan taking a quick look at his ring on his hand when, at the end, they're facing their family and friends for the first time. I think a friend or family member captured this moment.

All their friends and family at the wedding went out of their way to tell me what a great couple they are.
And since Tarrah loves surprises, Ryan didn't tell her where they were going for their honeymoon but just what to pack. I found out later that they went to St. Lucia and had a great time. Great pick, Ryan!

The Fearrington, Cheryl guiding the day, was at it's best keeping us cool...

and providing bug spray to keep away the mosquitoes that love their lush lawn. This is only one of several possible ceremony sites there, but since I don't often do weddings in this spot, I wanted to make sure you saw how wonderful it is.

I could get these shots of the ceremony site before the ceremony started though.

Oh - I'll add a couple pictures of The Barn where they had their reception, and I'll add one of their cake, also made by The Fearrington. I'm not sure if they have pictures like these on The Fearrington website. After the heat and bright sun of the day, the cool dark is soothing. The outside of the barn below is where cocktails were served while Tarrah and Ryan were having wedding pictures taken.

Here's the inside.

And, of course, here's their cake. The spring green matches Ryan's tie. As a person who does fabric art and who loves color, I loved that part.

The excellent ceremony music was provided by Arioso Strings (they're always great), and the music for their reception was by Groovetown Band. Their videographer was Island Sound DJ and Video.

Tarrah sent me wonderful thanks and some pictures on Facebook. But I use it so rarely that I can't figure out how to get back to those great words. Some day soon........

I like being her friend on Facebook though. When I see her postings and pictures of her and Ryan, it brings me back to their wedding day and their love and I feel great. I so love what I do!

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