Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reid and Lindy Marry at The Sarah P. Duke Center

There's something magical about the amphitheater at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. I know the joy that Reid and Lindy contributed added to the magic. They married there on July 31st.

The blue heron dips down to the pond at amazing moments. The weather clears just when you need it to, and on Reid and Lindy's wedding day, the planes flew over the garden. Never before had I heard even one plane when officiating a wedding at the center, but that day, there was a helicopter, a small engine plane (believe me I know, my Sweetheart is a pilot), and at least one jet.
And this was a wonderful sign because Lindy's father was a pilot who tragically couldn't be there in body that day. But we all knew that he was there in spirit.

And, the weather cleared just in time. The sunshine followed Lindy into the ceremony. Lindy's mother and Aunt Barbara (who carried a rose which was placed on an empty chair to honor Lindy's father) escorted Lindy half way into the ceremony as Reid's parents escorted him half way. Then Lindy and Reid met and walked in together. It was a fitting entrance for this couple.

They're a delight. They have weathered adversity and their love has deepened so that now they glow with it and you can see the strength they both offer to their union and that they draw from it.

In their ceremony we said: 'Lindy and Reid, you have both faced challenges and known disappointment, you have both chosen lives of service to the larger world with hearts open, and now you both make the conscious choice to grow your love through your commitment to each other, supported by families who love you. Today we celebrate the amazing grace of your love for each other.'

They were drawn to each other by their quirky senses of humor, gentleness of spirit, and kindness, and I love knowing that they bring this to their work in the world.

Their big loving family were just as delighted. Here's a family picture ....

Should you need to know how elegant the Sarah P. Duke Center is, here is a picture.

I was glad that at their reception they didn't have to concern themselves with the vagaries of the weather any more. They could just enjoy themselves.

I loved this thank you I got from them after they got back from their honeymoon:
'We cannot possibly thank you enough for everything you did for us ... you were absolutely the calm anchor we needed at our wedding and we've received so many compliments on the ceremony and you specifically. Our families both loved you, were reassured by you, and Reid and I felt your warm presence was exactly what we needed. I'm so glad we found you! .... Thank you, again, for your expertise, your warmth, and your flexibility with us.'

This is a couple who has found a home in each other and share that in all their interactions with others. It's a blessing that they're on the planet. I know that they'll touch others' lives in wonderful ways all their lives. They already do.

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