Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mari and Phil at Duke Gardens

Mari and Phil's wedding was wonderful. It was hot on May 22nd but no one really noticed too much because we were having so much fun. And we were really lucky with the weather because the blustery driving storms that night didn't role in until about 7PM.

We'd had a bit of a scare the day before. Mari, our bride, had been feeling too ill to come to the rehearsal, but made it as we were finishing up. This was my first rehearsal ever without a bride, so I was glad to see her for help with all those last minute decisions that need to be made, and especially glad to see that she was feeling better.

Mari added a unique touch to the processional which symbolized her independent spirit. She started down the aisle with her mother, then came a little way with her father, but then went the remainder of the way by herself, to meet with Phil at the bottom of the steps.

She and Phil had had their first date at Duke Gardens by the fish pond so this place was especially meaningful to them. They met in NC but Mari is from New Jersey and Phil is from Long Island and their accents were a sweet reminder of my years spent in North Jersey.

Phil and Mari worked really hard to create a ceremony that fit who they are. They'd chosen lyrics from the song 'We Are' by Sweet Honey and The Rock to honor their loved ones who couldn't be with them at the ceremony. The words were touching and memorable.

I loved their playfulness in another way, too. They had chosen the Love Letter, Bottle of Wine and Box ritual in which a bride and groom each write love letters to each other that the other hasn't yet read and these letters are sealed them in a box with a bottle of wine. They are invited to open the box, read the letters and drink the wine in the future when they need to remember how much they love each other. But Mari and Phil added their own touch, using a bottle of whiskey instead of wine and a Tiffany's box. It fit their playfulness and we all loved it.

Thanks to Megan Kime for these great photos and to Second Shift a wonderful acapella group who sang two numbers in close harmony before the ceremony.

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