Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brandon and Tess Wed in a Sweet Intimate Ceremony in Cary

 I'm so glad that Tess and Brandon shared these pictures with me.  Theirs was a sweet, intimate wedding for only family at the Kildaire Farms Clubhouse in Cary.  They wanted it held there so that her ninety plus year old grandparents could be there.  They had been married for over 70 years and were a really cute couple, too, holding hands, and inspiring all of us.  It was also simply a lovely setting with the deck and the lake perfect for the early fall day.

I had never met Tess or Brandon before but had married two couples over the years who are friends of theirs,  Beth and Ross at The Brier Creek Country Club, and Laura and Alex at The Fearrington Inn.  But Brandon and Tess wanted something different.  A small wedding with just some sweet touches that made it special - like bubbles.

Their families had decorated the clubhouse in beautiful purple and silver balloons and they had their reception catered by Sugar Magnolia Culinary who had everything well in hand with the full kitchen at the clubhouse. Tess and Brandon had wanted their dog there, too, but alas, their dog was just a little too high strung for the day.

A very good professional violinist, Jessica Jenkins, played before the ceremony and for the processional and recessional.  She also teaches violin at Meredith College.  You can find her by the name Jessica's Strings or on the attached link to her Meredith College listing. 
We ended their ceremony with these words:  'And so may this day be an open door through which Brandon and Tess will go form to build a happy, harmonious marriage.  may the years deal gently with them; walking together, may they find life far richer for journeying through it together.'

Tess emailed me after the wedding to let me know that this was just the wedding she and Brandon had wanted.  I'm so glad.  I wish them much happiness and many years filled with joy.

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