Monday, October 29, 2012

Kristina and Mike's Love Fills Duke Chapel

 Last Memorial Day weekend I got to marry Mike and Kristina.  They are such a delightful couple.  One of those couples where you remark in wonder that love finds us in unexpected places.  Kristina is from Slovakia and was on a study abroad program at Duke when she met Mike who was doing computer support in the computer lab.  She liked him and wasn't sure he knew it so on Valentine's Day she hunted him down to finally figure out his intentions.  

They both love Duke, and Duke Chapel was therefore the absolute right place for their small family ceremony.  It has a grandeur, but in their wedding photos I saw how it could also have sweet intimacy within this massive space.  I couldn't decide on many of these pictures between the near and far view.  There aren't many local venues with this much grandeur.  So I included both sets.  I've done many weddings here over the years but this is the first time I've been able to offer a blog.  That's because Hooman Vesic of Vesic Photorgraphy was peerless in capturing their wonderful ceremony and offered me their pictures (with their permission) to show you.  He also was the photographer for the picture at the top of my blog.  I always know that his work will be elegant and loving.  I'm sure his blog of Mike and Kristina's wedding was amazing.

Mother's were seated to the organ's strains of Bach's 'Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring.'  Attendants enter to 'Pachelbel's Canon in D,'and Kristina entered to Wagner's 'Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin.'  The music filled the chapel and accompanied Kristina and her mother the entire way.

It gave Mike and I a long time to enjoy this moment with her and her two attendants, Natalia and Zuzana.

For their readings they chose the words of Anne Morrow Lindbergh from her book 'The Gift from The Sea' which is always one of my favorite readings.  I've read that book twice and it always teaches me something new.  
Their second reading was Sonnet 43, 'How do I Love Thee' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Kristina once gave this poem to Michael as a gift.  I read it in English and then Natalia read it in Slovak.

The offered their vows to each other in both English and Slovak.

And included a unity candle that had been lit by their mothers during the processional.

A great kiss in a beautiful setting.  Their first kiss as husband and wife. I'm glad they enjoyed it and didn't feel so shy that they just minimized the moment.
And then I got to present them as a married couple.
Duke Chapel has a long lasting tradition that a couple 'signs the book' that is the register of those couples married at the chapel.  I sign it, too, as officiant.  I like the history of my participation in these wonderful events, too.
Tre Bella Florist in Durham created their beautiful bouquets.
Then it's around the side of the building for pictures.  The architecture here means that every picture will be special.
They went to The Fearrington Inn for their family reception. Kristina's mother and at least one friend had traveled from Slovakia to be with them on their wedding day. I'm glad they got to see North Carolina at its most gracious.  Mike and Kristina sent me a lovely thank you note after their wedding.  Alas, I just looked for it and can't find it.  I'll have to look again!  It is to be cherished!

I wish them much happiness, and much fun with Mike cooking and Kristina baking, and both of the feeling well fed and loving it, all over the world.

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