Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Early and Kaity Marry to Lots of Joy at The Cotton Room

Kaity sent me these pictures of her and Early's wedding at The Cotton Room in downtown Durham.  Thank you to Tanya Odom of T. Odom Photographics for these wonderful pictures.  They are perfect because they show just how much these two like to laugh.   When I asked about her attendants she said she just had lots of sisters - 5 sisters and a brother.  And that this was her family's fourth family wedding this year.   So they wanted something that would be uniquely their own.  They also wanted a short - but not shamelessly short ceremony.  They felt the need to tell me that when we met because of the very long ceremony that another family member had had.  They told me that they felt graced by their love for each other and they wanted to concentrate on that.  And so we did.

They love the life that they have created together since they met in 2007 – filled with laughter, endless conversations and shared interests including dorky computer games, cars, trying new and weird foods, and more.  Kaity loves how Early loves to talk about their future together as a couple and about one day having and raising their children.   And Early loves how life with Kaity holds so many  unexpected surprises. 

To celebrate Early's heritage, we had the reading 'The Key to Love' by a first century anonymous Chinese author.  That reading still says it all.  Then as a part of the ceremony Kaity and Early each drank from a glass of wine tied to the other glass by a red string.  This tied back to an old Chinese legend about the Old Man Under the Moon tying the feet of boys and girls together who are destined to become marriage partners with a red thread.  They will find each other even if separated by a thousand miles.  You can see the glasses on the table behind us.

 The Cotton Company did their catering, their flowers and their cake.  Eric Hodgden, from All Around Raleigh DJ, was his excellent self as always.  I love being able to rely on him and Michelle Alldred at The Cotton Room for her wonderful professionalism, patience and always generous spirit.  

I wish them much happiness all their lives!

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