Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Starlight Meadow for Peter and Adrienne

On a stunningly beautiful early fall evening I had the joy of marrying Peter and Adrienne at a new venue that they raved about and wanted to make sure I let everyone else know about, too.  And I understand why.  Starlight Meadow, about 10 minutes off the freeway on Burlington on Shoe Rd. (Huffman Mill Road turns into it), is owned and loved by Jeremy and Sarah Oehling. They have created a beautiful, peaceful and low-key place that is quiet, spacious and lovely.  I have lots of pictures so you can see for yourself.  Most of these pictures were taken by Sarah Oehling that I can use as we await our professional photographer, Soo Keith's photos.
This is the view from the ceremony site back to the open sided barn where the reception was held and the long low building that hold the modern air conditioned dressing rooms for the bride and groom.  The building to the far left is includes a covered patio where the cocktails were served.
A closer look at the dressing rooms building where Adrienne and her parents started the processional.
They aren't really walking through waist high grass.  It's all mowed down to the ceremony site.
Peter and Adrienne live in Wilmington but have so many friends locally.  This suited their very individual and relaxed style.  There are white painted benches at the ceremony site and we stood on a 8 by 10 feet wooden platform.
Their dog, Mr Ollie Valentine was the ring bearer and came down the aisle when he was called to give me the rings from the pillow around his waist.  Notice his pink bow tie, too.  Peter and Adrienne shared lovely words when they exchanged rings:  'I give you this ring today in token of our love--love that we have grown together, that fills our hearts now and that will grow all the years of our lives.'
Their flower girls, nieces Ava and Audrey, loved their moment in the spotlight and made a lovely pair.

This is the reception site.  The middle section has the ballroom and it's big enough to easily fit 150 people comfortably for a sit down dinner.  On a lovely evening like this one it was perfect.
I'd love to spread the word about this charming new venue because I'd love to go back there.  Sarah and Jeremy were attentive and professional and their meadow is a labor of love.  Jeremy even operated the boom box for us for the music and Sarah helped with the processional.

In the beginning we opened their ceremony with:  'This extraordinary day, first of fall, marks a passage from one season to the next. Today happens to also be the midpoint between Adrienne’s two favorite seasons, spring and summer, and Peter’s two favorite seasons, fall and winter. This median is a perfect reflection of the meeting their minds and hearts. They move forward in their relationship, embodying this spirit of equality with shared love and respect for each other. As days, become shorter and nights longer, let the warmth of their hearts keep them  cozy. And when the spring and summer come again, let them emerge with new energy, ready for fresh adventures.'  

They're delightful, thoughtful and kind people.  I wish them many many years of fresh adventures and growing their love.

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