Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mike and Dagny Marry at The Stockroom in a Rainy Day Wedding

Dagny and Mike had been together for four years and told me that they didn't anticipate much of their day to day life changing after the wedding.  They really wanted a 'celebration of us' with their family and friends.  The chose The Stockroom in downtown Raleigh as their venue which gave them an intimate party feel but with more space, and it was perfect for them.  I love the decorations of the three circles that they made to create a ceremony site.  Catering Works did the flowers, the cake and the catering.

They were a treat to get to know.  They wanted a casual, relaxed and personal ceremony and we had fun creating just that.  Thanks to Michelle Gunton of Michelle Gunton Photography for these wonderful pictures.  She's a joy to work with and seemed to capture their easy loving feeling so well.  It's fun to showcase some of her pictures here.

I always love it when there is a spontaneous moment in the ceremony that lights everyone up with their natural smiles.  I think this was a moment with the musicians.  

Downtown Raleigh has such wonderful architectural features for the pictures, too.   Mike and Dagny had their cocktail hour at the Mahler Art Gallery next door while they got the Stockroom .  ready for the reception.  I loved looking at the art and it also provided an excellent backdrop for photographs.  I'm sure that you can see more on Michelle Gunton's blog post for Mike and Dagny's wedding.... here is a link to it.

I asked everyone to join me in welcoming them as a married couple.  I call this the basking moment because they take a moment to receive the love and support of everyone there before the festivities begin.  I'm glad to see Mike and Dagny drinking it in.

They were off to Aruba the next day leaving the rain behind.  I sent much love with them.  I know they'll have a wonderful life together.


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