Friday, October 15, 2010

Cassey and Pat Marry at Home in Style

I got this picture from Cassandra and Pat's wedding that I had to share with you. I performed their ceremony on Aug 28th. They were both in their early forties and it was the first marriage for both of them. They weren't sure that marriage was 'in the cards,' as Cassy put it, for her but then they found each other.

They had a small wedding but did it in big style. Pat wore a top hat and tails and Cassy's dress had just a touch of color that made it unique and playful.

They married at Cassy's parents house which was especially special since both his and Pat's fathers had passed. We included an honoring of them in the ceremony.

Blessedly, in the summer heat, they had a tent that gave us all shade.

They kept it simple:
Cassey's sister and identical twin was her Maid of Honor, No one walked her down the aisle, (which happens a lot more these days,) and they used an IPOD for their ceremony music.
They also had the lyrics to John Lennon's song 'Love' as their reading of timeless wisdom about love and marriage. As a Beatles' fan, I was especially glad to be able to read Lennon's words.

And Pat and Cassy had a wonderful time with many hugs and much celebrating for them.
I'm delighted for them. There are so many ways to make a wedding your own. Cassy and Pat concentrated on just what was important for them. And I'm glad. If they do the same for the rest of their lives, they'll have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful life!

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