Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vic and Jen at The Fuquay Varina Mineral Spring Inn

I met Vic and Jen right before their wedding. We'd had wonderful phone calls and email exchanges that made me very curious about them. They were delightful. This was a small family wedding of at most forty guests in their neighborhood. The innkeeper of the Fuquay Varina Mineral Spring Inn who is also the mayor of Fuquay Varina, John Byrne, told me that they live just down the street.

Jennifer's wonderful younger sisters were her bridesmaids and flower girl. The limousine and driver you see behind you are Teddy Crider from Meridian Town Cars. He asked if it was okay to stay in the driveway during the wedding and was given a rousing yes.

The only dilemma with family members taking pictures is the above. I hope he got a good shot. And it added a sweet caring touch to the ceremony. I was glad that Vic and Jen could ignore him.

Here you can see the amazing lawn and garden of the inn. They had a wonderful day, and a wonderful anniversary date. The unique Sunday, 10/10/10. May all the other elements of their life be this auspicious. I wish them many blessings.

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