Monday, October 4, 2010

Jeff and Margart Celebrate their Wedding on July 17th

I'm very grateful when wonderful couples I've married introduce me to other wonderful couples to marry. And that is how I met Jeff and Margaret. They're a couple with busy professional lives. Jeff is in graduate school at NC state in school counseling and Margaret works for a pharmaceutical company, yet they had time to meet in July of 2007 in downtown Raleigh where Margaret had arrived in a rickshaw. Now that's entering in style.

After they began dating, they always had a lot to talk about and their affection just kept growing. They found out that their parents both live in Georgia about thirty minutes drive from each other, where Margaret grew up. Then they discovered that they both love football and love traveling to the games. They found out they traveled well together (a real sign as far as I'm concerned) and that their friends meshed.

They're both easy going low stress people who don't take themselves too seriously. And I can tell you that they're also very generous of spirit and considerate - to each other, and to others.

I can't tell you how many people have commented to Ruben and I how they notice that we are very considerate of each other. And I'm amazed that they find it unusual. I love being grateful for Ruben and showing it. And I could tell and was delighted to see that Margaret and Jeff are also very considerate people. It bodes well for their marriage. I believe that consideration comes from cherishing the other and being grateful for them in your life. It in itself is an act of love.

All Saints Chapel, a lovely restored 19th century chapel, in downtown Raleigh was a wonderful spot for them to marry. It exudes a simple gentle spirituality. The stained glass windows add a special light to the setting, too. We opened Jeff and Margaret's ceremony was a request that people silently, from the depths of their hearts, offer up their own blessings and prayers for Jeff and Margaret and their new life together. This moment of silence filled the hall with joyful reverence.

Sarah at All Saints coordinated our efforts there and was a big help, especially given the size of their wedding party. We also must thank Rusty Worden who took their photographs, although the ones you see here were taken by me or by their friends. (It's just taking a little time for Jeff and Margaret to decide on the official shots they'd like.) Rusty is a very skilled photographer who I've worked with before. You see him here setting up a shot after the ceremony in this picture I took from the balcony.

All Saints has this wonderful balcony that you can fill with guests or just take pictures from. It offers such a unique vantage point. Especially if you're a more skilled photographer than I am. It's also where they have their sound system located.

Margaret and Jeff's wedding party was large and close knit - made up of long term friends who came from all over the United States to celebrate their day with them.
The couple I married last year were in the wedding and now live in Michigan. On this hot July day, I think they were grateful for at least the weather there.

Jim Unger from Joe Bunn DJ Company was our DJ for the music for the ceremony and Julie Carlson Liles, the owner of CDI Florals in Holly Springs provided the flowers.

The reception was held at Marbles, the kid's museum, walking distance from the chapel. I didn't attend. I always want to come home to Ruben. I imagine that it was wonderful. How could it not be? Here are some shots from there.

I got this note from Jeff about a week after their wedding: 'We are back from the honeymoon and have been busy moving the past three days! Makes us definitely long for a return to the Caribbean where just last week we were lounging in the sun! Thank you so much for all of your help and for leading a wonderful ceremony for us. We are so grateful for your help and guidance and for the support of all of our family and friends who were there with us. ...

Thanks again so much!
Jeff and Margaret

I want to thank them, too. My heart smiles whenever I think of them!

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