Monday, October 18, 2010

Elio and Marie Wed at The Sutherland

On September 18th I presided over Elio and Marie's wedding at The Sutherland. I'd heard about it for a long time but had never been there. Then was pleasantly surprised that it was only 45 minutes drive from my home in Hillsborough.

Elio and Marie planned carefully and the elegance of their wedding showed the fruits of their labor. This was aided too by the wonderful staff at The Sutherland, led by Gayle. One thing especially to note, and Gayle helps you remember, is to follow the directions on The Sutherland website instead of relying on GPS or online maps program because the directions are tricky. Marie and Elio even put this on their invitation.

The home and grounds are elegant. The pictures you see are mine. I took them with my Droid. That's why they're not the best. Glen Ho was their photographer. I'm sure his are wonderful. Most times, I need to drive to another ceremony or want to drive home to be with my Sweetie, so I capture a few pictures is possible after the ceremony. Before the ceremony I'm making sure that all will go as planned, rereading the ceremony so it's fresh in my mind and heart, or finding a moment of pause, to become centered and focused on the couple and their love.

The day was unseasonably warm and the sun was in Marie and Elio's eyes at the beginning of the ceremony but with 2 small steps back we got them into the shade. The only problem was that those two steps took them farther from their families, but I could see the relief in Elio's eyes to be just a little out of the heat. I always encourage couples to see their site at the same time of day as their ceremony. The position of the sun can make the difference between enjoying your ceremony and roasting through it.

But the heat didn't mar the loving and low key ceremony that Marie and Elio had crafted. We shared the sweet poem, 'Falling In Love Is Like Owning a Dog,' by Taylor Mali, which was a big hit, especially for these two dog lovers.

The Sutherland site is lovely. The flower petals adding just the right hint of color.

This is a shot after the ceremony. I was upstairs gathering my belongings to leave the couple to their guests and their celebration when I noticed photographer Glen Ho taking pictures outside.
What a wonderful setting, as you can see. Because then I went downstairs, too, to capture my own picture of Marie and Elio and their families against this beautiful backdrop.

Elio and Marie chose a blessing which goes 'May yours always be a shared adventure, right with moments of serenity as well as excitement. Play together, laugh together, and walk together for a lifetime.' I wish them all the best, and hope that their marriage brings them much joy.

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