Monday, November 15, 2010

Brian and Lauren Wed at the Cafe Luna

I had the joy of marrying Brian and Lauren at the Caffé Luna on Oct 16th in a beautiful ceremony. Nancy Rugirello from Simply Creative Photography was our wonderful photographer but these lesser quality pictures are friend pictures or the ones I snapped with my Droid. Gotta love these little machines.

I wanted to have my own pictures because Brian and Lauren were such a delightful couple to get to know. Lauren had been raised Jewish and Brian raised Catholic and they very intentionally wanted to honor customs from both sides of their heritage. So together we created a ceremony in which Lauren's father blessed the wine in Hebrew, Brian broke the glass and we acknowledged that we were not only joining two wonderful people, but two great families and two communities of faith.

Their cake topper was a cut out of the bride and groom created by an artist friend and their cake was by Ashley Lattier of Ashley Cakes.

The Caffé Luna is a fabulous place for an intimate ceremony. This is the room where the reception would be held and the wedding was held in the room next door. They also have a room for stuff and to change clothes, which is really helpful, and outside doors into all the rooms in the back for the processional to enter. It's a great set up and a wonderful staff who supports the weddings. We rehearsed there between the lunch and dinner hours on the Friday before - between 2:30 and 3:30. A great time to avoid the Friday night traffic and chaos.

Lauren and Brian look so much more relaxed after the ceremony. But that's always the case. I'm glad to see them now simply enjoying each other and all those who love them and are here to celebrate their wedding with them.

I wish you could have seen the flowers. Gregg Kennedy of Brides and Bouquets in Cary designed beautiful bouquets in burgundy and cinnamon. You can see a little from the shot of the cafe. Their were orange highlights and the colors were magnificent. John Carter of A Perfect Day DJ was our DJ, of course, and he was great. The cafe was set up long and narrow for Lauren and Brian's wedding so the DJ was right by the front door of the cafe. A great spot for him to see entrances and cues. John was flawless. And of course the Caffé Luna catered their wonderful meal. They have Ryan Hill at the cafe to thank for that.

I wish them many many years of happiness!

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