Monday, November 1, 2010

Ryan and Jenna at The Matthews House on May 15 at The Matthews House in Cary

There are times when I miss getting photographs of a wedding and regret it. Some couples just linger in your memories longer than others. For me, its the couples whose generosity of spirit just shines from them. The ones whose love for each other seems to touch all those around them. Ryan and Jenna are like that.

So I was sad that I had somehow let getting pictures of their ceremony slip from my awareness.
Most times at a wedding I'm just too busy making sure that everything is going smoothly that I forget to take a few pictures of my own. I'm pinning on boutonnieres or taking instructions from one person to the other, or double checking with the musicians or the venue or providing safety pins or putting out a guest book. Or finding a quiet place to read through the ceremony one last time so that I can be completely present with the bride and groom during their ceremony.

Jessica Key, their wonderful photographer from Jessica Key Photography, offered me these pictures when I emailed her and I was delighted. Her manner was easy going and fun and she got some great shots. And there were many great shots to be had. Jenna and Ryan had their wedding May 15th at The Matthews House in Cary.

It's a lovely restored house with a separate building for receptions and a lovely side yard with a trellis at the end which makes a perfect ceremony site.

The DJ or musicians can set up on the covered porch which is also ideal. For Ryan and Jenna's wedding Gregg Ramsey of DJ Bunn did the reception music, and Florian Music provided the string trio for the ceremony. They were great. Jill, of Preston Flowers in Cary was the florist. Ryan and Jenna had been friends in a close group of friend for four years before their friendship caught fire and deepened into love. And it felt natural, like coming home. These three years later, it still did.

At their ceremony we said, 'And now you stand before your family ,ready to acknowledge to God and to the world: this is my beloved, the one with whom I choose to create the rest of my life.' It never felt more true.

They had their close group of friends all with them on their wedding day, all celebrating that two of their own had found such happiness.

After their ceremony I got this wonderful email:

Hi Robin! Yes the wedding was so nice and we were very glad that you got to be a part of it. You did a wonderful job and everyone that I talked to had really nice things to say about the way that you handled not only the ceremony, but the moments before/after the ceremony as well as the rehearsal. Thank you so much for all that you did and I'm so glad that we chose you to be our officiant. We'll be seeing you again in a few days for Jolie's wedding!' (Which I officiated for them at the Shrine Club in Raleigh, and which is also a part of this blog.)

To give credit to some other wonderful wedding professionals: Their cake was made by Sandra at Edible Art Bakery in Raleigh, and their limousine was from White Horse Transportation in Raleigh.

I love it when I marry friends of couples I've met. It feels like the connection is never broken. A treat for me.

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