Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jacob and Annie Marry at the Historic Brookstown Inn in Downtown Winston-Salem

On the weekend of Oct 30th I had the privilege of marrying Jacob and Annie at The Brookstown Inn in downtown Winston Salem, right on the edge of Old Town and the historic district. It was a gorgeous setting. I'd never been there before. They'd chosen the brick courtyard between two buildings in the inn. The guests would sit on the lower level of the courtyard, and the ceremony would take place on the curved landing that led to the upper level of the courtyard. There would be just room enough for the wedding party. And it worked.

Thank you to Gail Matsumoto of Gaillyn Photography for the wonderful pictures of the ceremony. The others are from my Droid. Sorry for their lesser quality. It's always so much fun, it I'm able to, to take a couple of pictures myself. Here's one of Gail taking the wedding party after the ceremony on the steps to the upper courtyard.

Christy Taylor of Gourmet Yummy did Jacob and Annie's beautiful fall themed cake.

Their colors were brown and burnt sienna which Eliana Nunes from Sherwood Florist Flowers took up wonderfully in the calla lilies carried by the women and the sparks of yellow in the lilies in the arrangements.
One other touch that Annie and Jacob wanted was to switch the sides the families sit on so that her family could see her face during the exchange of vows and rings, and his family could see his face. I've had couples ask for this about 3 or 4 times this year and I'm happy to honor it. Either their families switch sides or they do.

Jacob and Annie are both close to their families and comfortable with each other so wanted a simple laid back ceremony. The dress would be formal but they wanted their ceremony casual and light. They brought much of the lightness themselves with their smiles and easy going manner.
Annie and Jacob are a good team, comfortable and honest with each other, both strong and at the same time thoughtful and considerate people. I was delighted to be able to officiate their wedding.

We used a powerful quote from Anne Morrow Lindbergh in their ceremony. She was Charles Lindbergh's wife who also had her first son kidnapped and killed. Many years later she wrote 'The Gift From the Sea,' which is still mature and insightful wisdom about love and marriage. She writes that in the marriage 'the dancers should be free, barely touching as they pass, yet partners in the same pattern.'

Jacob and Annie are creating their own pattern, and it includes much love of family and friends. I'm delighted for them and wish them much much happiness.

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