Monday, November 22, 2010

Kenneth and Carry Marry in the Middle

Kenneth and Carry traveled from New Jersey just to get married in Raleigh on November 13th. Kenneth's mother and daughter, Kelli, traveled all the way from Alabama to be with them. And Carry's daughter, Sage, and her mother would travel from New Jersey to be with them. I joyfully was already here to officiate their ceremony.

Carry had contacted me with little of the 'where' plans in place. All she knew was that Raleigh was the city where the wedding needed to be. So we went to work looking for low cost venues for a lovely outdoors ceremony for a wedding with only 4 guests, one minister, one photographer and the bride and groom. After much online sleuthing Carry chose Yates Mill Pond. And she and Ken were lucky and blessed to have the most beautiful fall weekend of the year there and a very lovely site.

We also saw lots of other couples getting wedding and engagement photos taken. It was the spot to be.

Neither Carry nor I can wait to post photographer Lacey Gadwill's wonderful photographs. But here are two that Kenneth's mother took to start the fun.

Below is me putting on my robe right before the wedding. When we're in the great outdoors I sometimes feel like superman putting his cape on in a phone booth, but a little more exposed. But my robe is a wonderful symbol of the role of minister. The word minister means 'to serve' and in this role I serve to assist you in being fully present in this transformative ritual of love and commitment.

I was delighted to be there for them on this day. Carry and I had emailed so many times and I was really looking forward to meeting her. It was a wonderful encounter that only the divine can create, filled with joy and gratitude for everyone.

I'll add to this post as soon as we have more pictures to go with the words.
Thanks, Carry for these first two photos.

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