Monday, November 1, 2010

Jen and Ian Tie the Knot in a Candlelight Ceremony at The Sheraton Raleigh

It's not often that I do a ceremony in candlelight. So I printed the text in 16 point type and practically memorized it. And I was glad I did. Not that the light was too low, but that Ian and Jen were so much fun to marry.

They had all their pictures taken beforehand so were together before the ceremony with their family and wedding party looking relaxed and comfortable, even though Ian told me he was a bit nervous. They wanted a simple ceremony and they had the vows they wanted already written when they came to me. I loved their grounded easy manner when I met with them, and I could see now that this was just their way of being in the world.

They'd been together five years and were amazed to find when they met that they lived ten minutes from each other in Long Island. Their lives have taken them on some interesting adventures these last five years and they still have the same goals and dreams and a delight in working together to make them come true.

Most of their guests were from out of town and staying at the hotel. Joanie Waters at the Sheraton Raleigh was amazing in helping it all come together.

And Lisa of Lisa Ann Photography was a joy to work with to make sure we got great photos of their low light ceremony, Jim Austin of Jim Austin and Co were the fabulous DJs, and Preston Flowers did the bouquets. It was a wonderful event for these very grounded and very in love people. I was delighted to be a part of it. They paid me the wonderful compliment of saying that they never worried about the ceremony at all. That they knew they could relax and simply enjoy it because they trusted me. I appreciated that so much, because that's just what I want for them. I wish them many blessings!

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