Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rigsbee Hall in Downtown Durham

For those of you who want a intimate downtown Durham wedding in a 'blank slate' setting that you can decorate any way you want, then Rigsbee Hall at 208 Rigsbee Ave., right off Main St. is a wonderful alternative that's only been open since 2007

The Perfect Wedding Guide hosted it's November luncheon for wedding professionals here and I loved the space. It's like a smaller alternative than the Cotton Room or Bay 7 at the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham that is similar in feel.
The pictures here are a combination of my photos and pictures from their web site. My pictures don't do it real justice but they have a photo album on their web sit with more pictures.

has 2500 square feet of space. And I understand that on the weekends there's no parking problem shortage. It has easy access from the street, and no steps to navigate if you need accessibility for wheel chairs. Here's the street and window wall. It's set up for our Perfect wedding Guide luncheon. This provides the natural light.

This large projection screen comes down, if you want it, along the one red brick wall. From this perspective, the window wall is on the left. This picture is from their web site.

Here's the same wall for our daytime luncheon. I understand that it can accommodate up to 140 or 180 people depending on your type of reception and your desire for a dance floor. Also these round tables with chairs in both pictures are owned by the venue, and hence usable by you.

This is the other end of the room. Also not pretty yet but with lots of possibilities.

Sarah Adams is the Director of the facility and can answer all your questions.
I'm sure there's more good things about it that I'm not telling you. I just know that I liked the size and feel of the space and I felt that more people should know about it.

I hope it serves you!


  1. This is such a lovely venue. I was glad to finally see it from the inside! It was wonderful to see you again. Beautiful blog and wonderful photos. I hope your Thanksgiving was warm and inviting and I'msure you're looking to Christmas! Hope to see you soon.

  2. Hey Rob, this venue does look great. And the pictures in this post are superb! Are they from one of your ceremonies or from another event at the venue?