Thursday, November 18, 2010

Loren and Rebekah at The River Ridge

Loren and Rebekah had come through lots of changes to arrive at this day. They had moved from California with her parents to North Carolina and had only grown closer in the transition. They've been together five years, after meeting through a mutual friend, and have been through other ups and downs that have seasoned their love. They moved into their own home, their first home on May 28th and life just keeps getting better. You can sure see it in their smiles.

Here on this day, at The River Ridge Golf Club, we could bring that all together in the wedding they'd waited and planned for so long. Thanks to photographer Michelle Gunton for these fabulous pictures. Elissa, the coordinator at the River Ridge was a huge blessing to the day, helping it all go smoothly. We were all really grateful!

Rebekah and Loren chose red, black and white as their colors which added a dramatic flair to all that green that surrounded them on the huge lawn before us. It focused the eye and looked lovely.

There were several people who couldn't be with us that day so we brought them into the gathering in spirit saying.... 'Today we all create a larger loving community of friends and family that transcends time and place, and which richly informs the timeless love that Loren and Rebekah share.'
They chose The Hands Ceremony which brought tears to many eyes, their own included, and seemed to fit them perfectly. Then they couldn't have been more delighted when all their family and friends yelled out together, 'We, your family and friends, now pronounce you husband and wife.'

After their reception with friends and family who'd come from all over the US and the UK, they were off to Paris for 10 days. They're delightful fun-loving people and I wish for them that the joie de vivre they have now lasts all their days.

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