Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brad and Sarah Marry at Snipes Farm in October

 It was still a warm Fall Saturday in early October when Brad and Sarah married at Snipes Farm Retreat in Chapel Hill.  They have such a wonderful expanse of lawn upon which to perform ceremonies.  Under this big Oak (?) tree is a favorite spot with couples.  I've been officiating ceremonies here for 18 years and they are a steady favorite venue for those who want a spacious setting that lends itself to your personality and your touches.

Rebecca Ames of Rebecca Ames Photography was their wonderful photographer and shared these pictures (with Sarah and Brad's permission) with me.  She and I had the pleasure of working together twice in October.  I was really impressed with her ability to capture the loving spirit of each couple.   You can see Marilyn Wienand, of Carolina Harp, at the harp behind us in a further photograph, too.  I've worked with her many times over the years and she is always a joy.

One of the young men carried a bird's nest, the second, younger one carried a sign that said, 'Here Comes The Bride.'
 Sarah and Brad wanted a casual wedding and the setting, their attire, and the presence of the children helped ensure that.  Brad and Sarah are both down to earth comfortable people they wanted everyone else to be comfortable, too.

In the ceremony we  spoke a little about Sarah and Brad's journey to their wedding day with these words: 'From that first moment when Sarah knew she loved Brad’s sense of humor and cheesy jokes, and Brad was blown away by Sarah’s infectious laugh and show stopping smile, they have been growing their love toward this day of commitment to each other in marriage. 

They cherish the life they have created with Kye, Finn and Maisey, as well as you, their family and friends, by their side.  They delight in each other’s company, whether it’s going to the grocery store or on a Caribbean cruise.  As long as they are together, they’re happy. 

From different places, geographically and otherwise, they’ve learned and grown in their own understanding of themselves and each other.  They have found a home in each other – both figuratively and literally.  We celebrate their new home with them on this occasion, too.

They look forward to growing old together, sitting on their porch in a rocking chair, loving then as they love now – fully, completely, unconditionally.'
 With their exchange of rings, I said, 'Love freely given has no beginning and no end.  Love freely given has no separate giver and receiver.  You are each the giver and each the receiver.  May your ring always call to mind the freedom and the power of this love.'
Other wonderful professionals who made their wedding a delight were Lenny Fritts, of Lenny Fritts Touch of Class who was their DJ, Marsha Snyder or MEWS Designs who was their florist, and Beau Bennett of Beau Catering in Durham who catered their food.  It sure smelled good!

Sarah and Brad have fostered a dog and adopted a cat and so their family has grown.  They are generous hearted loving people.  It was a delight to marry them and I wish them many many blessings!

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