Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Catering With A Cause

 I want to dedicate this post to a wonderful organization my niece turned me on to.  That's her and her husband at their wedding on December 29th.  I'll be writing a post about their wedding a little later.  But here they are, Amber and Forrest, eyeing their cakes, before the cake cutting ritual.

Right now I want to focus on their caterers, who did a fabulous job and made amazing food.

Thanks first to Jerri Greenberg of Girl With 3 Dogs Photography for these pictures. Family friends (I married her and her husband, Rob) she and Rob captured the day, and our relaxed family so well.  I thank her, too. 

Amber, my niece, in her volunteer work for the Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce had learned about 'Catering With A Cause,' a part of the Interfaith Food Shuttle, which is part of the Interfaith Food Council in Chapel Hill.  So knowing their wonderful food and solid professionalism, she contacted them to cater her wedding held at The Community Church in Chapel Hill, Unitarian Universalist.  It's where her brother was married, and where I was one of the ministers from 1995 to 2000.  And they do open their doors to non-members to marry there.

It's a not for profit catering program to generate revenue for funding our programs which work to alleviate hunger in the greater Triangle. As they say, 'A delicious way to impact your community!'

The menu they provided included curried potato salad (it had cran-raisins in it and was delicious), kale salad (yummy!), chicken satay, very tender beef roast and more.  

They customize menus with you, prepare the food in their facility and use this process as a way to train people in their program in the art of catering.

Here the bride's and groom's fathers are anticipating the feast.

The staff with Catering With A Cause were really lovely, warm, and delightful in the presence.  They also cooked, served, and cleaned the kitchen with grace and good spirits.  They were a joy to have in Amber and Forrest's big day.

My husband and I had a great time, and went back for seconds.  I rarely if ever go to a wedding reception.  We're homebodies so my favorite place is to come home to him.  Since this was a family affair, this wedding was home.  And Catering With A Cause added to that feeling of being very well cared for.  I can't thank them enough. 


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