Thursday, January 10, 2013

Matt and Becky Marry in a Sweet Christmas Ceremony at The Fearrington Inn

Matt and Becky planned a small family wedding at The Fearrington House for December 23rd.  They arranged a private dining room in the inn for their 20 guests.  The guests were seated at their dinner tables as we stood in the arched doorway to the outer dining room.  The only being missing was their dog, Britches, who unfortunately hadn't yet mastered his formal dining manners.  They wanted a simple ceremony that focused on the joy that they have found with one another and how their love informs and enriches all they do in their lives.

In their opening words I said, 'And now you stand before your family, ready to acknowledge to God and to the world: this is my beloved, the one with whom I choose to create the rest of my life.'

Thank you to Kristin of KPO Photography who provided these gracious pictures.  I loved seeing them.  Matt and Becky are truly loving gentle very sweetnatured people and Kristin  captured them beautifully.  Here is her blog about their wedding with more pictures and a sweet story.
The inn was an ideal setting for them.  I've officiated many many large and small weddings there before but never one in the inn itself.  The staff was attentive and gracious and helped us navigate what was a cozy space well.  I'm sure the inn will hold special meaning for them now, and in only good ways.
It was only after these photographs were posted on Facebook that we discovered that Matt is the cousin of a friend of mine, Samantha, and her husband, David, and their son Iain.  They now live in Boston.  In fact I married Sam and David when they were pregnant with Iain so they all hold more than one special place in my heart.  I love that there isn't even one degree of separation between me and this wonderful, now even larger, more beautiful, family.  Signed and sealed with a kiss!
After I presented them to their family as a married couple we ended the ceremony by my saying that Matt and Becky would joyfully receive hugs and congratulations now.  And they did just that.  
And I quietly left them to the loving arms of their family.  I love that our lives are connected now.  Becky was really sweet in relaying their thanks that very evening later by email.  The next day they went on their honeymoon to St. Lucia and to the beginning of their very joyful marriage!  Many many blessings to them!

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