Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jason and Katherine Married at Duke Gardens Last April

I'm chagrined that I'm only now posting Katie and Jason's wedding at Duke Gardens at the pergola.  It took awhile to get their pictures and then the year just sped by.  But I smile every time I think of them.  Jason and Katie both worked for Katie's mom, who was their manager.  Katie's mom assigned Katie and Jason got to work together every chance they could since she knew that Katie had a crush on Jason.  And it worked.  They a delightful couple.  Fun loving and grounded and very well suited.

They had a long distance relationship for 10 months after Katie and her family moved to NC from CA.  After those 10 months, Jason took the big leap and left his world behind to come to NC to be with Katie.  I'm always in favor of a couple having some time apart.  It helps you center into what is important to you and requires you to improve and clarify expectations and communication.  Thank Heavens!  

They expressed their vows to each other that were just like them, warm, loving and with a little humor.
I remember them too because for their processional they used Dave Matthews Band's music.  One of my favorite musicians, and for their bridal processional they used, 'Marry Me' by Train.

It was a delightful wedding for a dear couple.  I wish them many many blessings and much love through many joyful years.

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