Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fay and John Marry Next To The Pond That They Love

 Thank you to Chelsey Morrison of Gather Together Events and wedding planning for bringing Fay and John into my life.  It was a joy to marry them.  And to work with Chelsey again.  She's really really good at what she does!  And it's always with a smile.  

When I first met with John and Fay last January  they were just beginning to bring their vision for their September wedding into focus.  All they knew was that they wanted to marry at the pond on John's uncle's property where they spent so much time fishing and getting to know each other so well.  I pictured a truly rustic setting when they described it.  I was amazed when I saw the actual pond at their rehearsal.  It's gorgeous.  Here's another view of the pond and the ceremony.  Luckily I has a microphone so the guests didn't miss a word of the ceremony.
As a part of the ceremony we asked John's and Fay's parents to stand and affirm their continued love and support for John and Fay's marriage.  They heartily responded 'Yes!'.  This moment is John and Fay looking back at their parents as we thanked them for their love and guidance for John and Fay all their lives.  

 I was go grateful for that mantle.  No one fell into the water.  I consider that a coup in itself.
The dock was just the right size for everyone.  A special Thank You to Katherine Miles Jones of Katherine Miles Jones Photographyour intrepid photographer, for her amazing photography.  It wasn't an easy wedding to photograph at all!
John and Fay were so cute from the very beginning, beaming their joy and, yes, there were a few tears, too.  I regress to show you Fay walking down the aisle and John watching Fay walk down the aisle.

Our lovely flower girls, Emaline and Isla, made everyone smile, too.

The only beings missing were John and Fays two dogs, Tyson and Annie.  In the opening of their ceremony we described marriage as a time to 'exercise their love, to stretch it large enough to embrace the unforeseen realities of the future; to love not only when it comes easily, but also when it seems difficult.'
 I never mind when we take the small moments necessary for 'train management,' or other necessities.  I think it's important for the couple, and their guests, to be comfortable so that they can be fully present with each other and with this important moment of sharing their love with each other.

Thanks to Tre Bella Florist for the all the elegant bouquets. As well as being lovely, they managed well in the heat!
 Photographers tell me to remind the couple not to kiss too fast.  After all it is a very important kiss to document.  And so many couples are shy hesitant to kiss in public.  This was not a worry for Fay and John.  And John had to also concentrate on not putting his hand on Fay's back so he wouldn't jerk her head back by her veil.  They managed nicely and thoroughly enjoyed the moment.
 On this day they only had eyes for each other.  And that's as it should be.  And they started out as friends who became best friends.  That's as it should be, too.  
 I wish them all the joy in the world!

John and Fay's wedding was featured online at the blog Southern Weddings.   There are lots more pictures of the ceremony and reception.  It's a great write up.  Here is the url.

I also want to note Thrills from The Grill who provided their catering and cake, and Cameron Atworth of Moon Water Music who was a wonderful musician for the ceremony and helped manage the sound amplificaition I needed and couldn't manage on that small crowded dock. 

It was a day to remember for everyone there.  We all loved seeing Fay and John so happy. 

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  1. Thank you for creating this beautiful ceremony for them, Robin!