Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Graham and Monica Marry In The Perfect Place

Graham and Monica chose to marry at the Nature Research Center, a.k.a.  the new part of the Museum of Natural Science on Jones Street in downtown Raleigh.  And I was the lucky officiant who got to marry them.  It was a perfect location for them.  As self-proclaimed geeks they were in their element.  And in addition to being fun and innovative, the center is quite lovely.  

Their ceremony site was a large meeting room on the fourth floor, quiet, perfect for easily 100 guests, and well appointed.  We did laugh that we lined up for the processional in the closet.  That's the door to the far right that goes through the closet which has kitchen elements to it and then out into the lobby.  So Carolyn Scott of Carolyn Scott Photography, a truly wonderful professional as well as a friend with a great sense of humor, documented us all hanging out in the closet before the ceremony.  Thank you Carolyn, for all of these pictures.
We had fun crafting their ceremony making it personal, humorous, warm and casual, just like them.  We invited guests to actively participate in the ceremony, just as they are active participants in their lives, inviting them to clap, cheer or laugh as the mood struck them.  Graham's fun loving grandmother took us at our word and clapped often and vigorously, which just added to the joyful mood.  Here we are enjoying just such a moment.
They created vows which I love and which begin, 'I take you as my partner, loving and respecting the amazing person that you are, and the person you will become,' and ending with 'I will cherish every day we have together, sharing the sweetness of our life.'

As Monica placed Graham's wedding ring on his finger, she said, 'I give you this ring as a pledge of my love and as a symbol of our unity.'

They  took part in a Box, Love Letter and Wine Ceremony with a lovely handwoven container.  I've changed this ceremony over the years to have a few versions.  In this version we quoted author Germaine Greer that 'successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person' inviting them to choose a time, perhaps an anniversary, to open the box, read the love letters and share with each other how their love has grown and deepened.

When Monica emailed me after the ceremony to say thanks she included this note that I love, 'My grandmother commented that it was the only wedding she had ever been to where everyone laughed instead of cried :) '  I loved it.

What a dear couple.  I loved having them in my life.  And it was a real surprise and a treat to find that two of their friends are Sean and Ellen, a couple I'd married just the year before at All Saints Chapel.  

Another treat was to see that Noreen Fitzmaurice of The Celiac Bakery provided their cake.  I bet it was wonderful.

I send much love to Monica and Graham.  I so enjoy adding to the sum of love in the world, and having such lovely people who let me be a part of such a special time in their lives.  I thank  them! 

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