Thursday, May 5, 2011

Billy and Allison Marry at the Rand Bryan House in Garner

On March 19th, I had the privilege of marrying Billy and Allison at the Rand Bryan House in Garner. You never know what it will be like in March but they had a fabulous day as evident by all the phlox in bloom. And I only have my few pictures taken with my Droid but I wanted to celebrate them and help you celebrate their love, too. Katy Warner from Cary was their wonderful photographer and when we get her pictures I'll add some to this post.

As always, the Rand-Bryan House is a wonderful intimate venue. Our musicians, led by Gregory Ortiz were on the right side on the porch and we stood right at the top of the steps. Then Ken Holmes with Joe Bunn DJ provided the music for the reception to be held indoors. Thanks too to Catering Works for the catering, the flowers, and the wedding cookies.

Here's the side yard of Rand-Bryan. They could use all of it on this pretty day.

They're very different folk which is always fun to affirm. She's from Northern Jewish roots and he is from Southern Baptist roots.
They describe themselves as polar opposites.and so their love has been rich in discovery. They've been dating six years and met through an acquaintance who kept saying to Allison, 'You have to meet my best friend's son.' I love it when this works. It always amazes me how often our friends are right.

Allison says that Bily has great passion for life and she sees the world differently now through his eyes. She's more accepting of others and she's a better person from knowing him. Billy said his choice was between a 'fast food life' and 'Allison's way' and he chose Allison's way and it taught him to care more about his future. With their border collie, Jonah, they are explorintg life together.

We called upon the divine, in all the ways it is known, to bless Allison and Billy's marriage. They chose the hand ceremony as part of their wedding ritual which I love, which ends...'and lastly, these are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged will still b reaching for yours, still giving you the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch.'

I wish them many blessings and know that, many years from now, they'll still have the same twinkle in their eyes that they do today, inspired by their love for each other and the largeness of life they experience together. Hallelujah and Mazel Tov.

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