Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Senthil and Lorelei Joyfully Marry on April 23rd at Rock Quarry Farm in Chapel Hill

I loved marrying Senthil and Lorelei.  When I met with them before their wedding they were both serious and a little shy.  They came with Senthil's mother, Mangai, and I fell in love with her.  There was just this sweetness and generosity of spirit about her that was so gracious.  I knew that Lorelei and Senthil were much warmer than their shy exteriors by the twinkles in their eyes, but for some couples, meeting with the minister feels a little daunting.

So at their wedding I was delighted to see that  their smiles were glorious and their playfulness and joy apparent.  I loved witnessing that side of their love.  They sought me out because they wanted to honor both their traditions and I was pleased to do just that.  And they blended them masterfully with my resources and their ideas.  

We even Skyped to India hoping that Senthil's family there would be able to see the ceremony.  I hope so!

Thanks to Amy Rager at Serenity Photography for these great photos.  She captured their wonderful joy, too.  The amateur photos are mine from my Droid.  Boy you can sure see the difference.

Their wedding was at Rock Quarry Farm in Chapel Hill, and Camille, the owner, as always was a huge help in coordinating the ceremony and all the vendors and events.   It's a wonderful old (and remodeled) farm house that is warm and inviting with spacious grounds that adapt to the needs of any small to medium size wedding.

For Senthil's and Lorelei's ceremony there was one sitar player, Will Franke situated between the ceremony site and where the guests would have hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.  A perfect location.  Then the Bluegrass Band Down River played for their reception.

Lorelei's sister made her bouquet.  Isn't it gorgeous!

We incorporated a Hindu tradition of the 7 steps, Saptha Padhi, into their ceremony from Senthil's Hindu tradition

Here's a wonderful photo after their ceremony.

Lorelei's friend, Jacquie Powell made their cake and Vimala's Curryblossum Cafe (Yum!) provided their food. 

 One final fabulous Amy shot.  I just loved this one!

Here are some pictures I took of Rock Quarry Farm so that you can see that an ideal place it is on a pretty day.   Here is Camille.  You can tell that she loves what she does.

 Rock Quarry Farm would accommodate a tent if you wanted one.  Here's the tent they had set up for their reception meal.

Here are guests enjoying cocktails.

 This photo looks down on the the ceremony site in the background.  At the middle in the distance is the trellis that you see in the first picture.

 Here is Amy in front of the house taking a photo of the family.  I always love getting a picture of the photographer since they their style makes a big difference in the photos.  Amy was great!

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  1. Dear Rev.Robin Renteria,

    Delighted to see the pictures and the details.
    I watched the live relay from home at Bangalore. It was amazing and I thank every one who could arrange this facility.
    You conducted the whole program - from welcoming the guests till the end - with a personal touch.
    The whole program blended well Saptha pathi. I felt as though I am very much present there in the marriage function.
    Thank you so much
    Best regards