Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Matt and Megan's Cake Story and More


 Over my almost 17 years of officiating wedding ceremonies I’ve been part of a surprisingly small number of wedding day problems.  Even the worst disasters have been ones that we could remedy ourselves with a little ingenuity and on site help, or just laugh about.  I've helped create two bouquets from one when one was missing, done weddings barefoot in ankle deep water, worked around a fainting best man, and officiated a wedding where the wrong flowers had been delivered.  We just used the ones we had.  But the problem I describe below required expert assistance and fast.

Above you see the picture of the wedding cake delivered to Megan and Matt on their wedding day at Chateau Belle Vie just two weeks ago.  Their wedding colors were chocolate brown and apple green.  Megan and Matt had offered their wedding invitation as an indication of the style they wanted to copy for the design on their cake.  Their very prominent local baker told them when she delivered the cake below that she had ‘designed’ their cake to match their invitations.  Hmmmmm.  Here's the invitation.

This is Megan in amazement.  Do you see a design here? 

First let me say that Chateau Belle Vie had no role at all in this cake near disaster.  They went well out of their way to save the day.  I love working with them.  Their staff is fabulous and they care so much for each couple they marry, and it shows.

It was the baker who somehow lost their vision of what makes a wedding cake special and lovely. Just in case you can't believe it either, here's a closer view.


 Seeing this sturdy, upright, but slightly leaning mountain of brown, Megan, Matt, and Roxana, the staff member at Chateau Belle Vie, had the wise sense to call in the cavalry in the person of Jennifer Stevens of Ambrosia Cake Creations who had masterfully done Roxana’s cake for Roxana's wedding in October 2010.

Now, this is all beginning to unfold at 3PM on Matt and Megan's wedding day with their wedding taking place at 6:30 that evening!

When I arrived at 5:30 in preparation of officiating their ceremony, Megan and Matt had found some humor in the situation and were trusting in Jennifer's good hands to manage it somehow.  They knew it would be better than what they had.  The original 'prominent local' baker had accepted no responsibility for this creative disaster and had simply left right after she delivered the cake you see above.

Jennifer had delivered a 'faux cake' to have in place if needed - not edible but pretty.  The faux cake would at least represent a cake if anything worse happened.

Jennifer, who just happened to have had the day off, and who luckily lived in Fuquay Varina, had rushed to Chateau Belle Vie after she was called late that afternoon.  She picked up the tipping tower of taupe, and did magic on it for the next 3 hours, chilling it so that it could be straightened (it's hard to tell its 'Pisa tendency' from the picture you see), hand decorating it with scroll work and changing the muddy brown slurry to a swirling chocolate brown dusted with gold glitter.  And voila!

Jennifer quietly delivered the redone wonder at 7 pm, during the cocktail hour after the ceremony.  Guests were out on the patio so not one guest saw the disaster unfold.  They were none the wiser about  the whole situation.  But I bet it made a good story.

In defense of baker one, who shall remain nameless, I understand that the cake was very tasty.

I bring you this blog to highlight that miracles can and do happen all the time, and that for every wedding professional who falls short there is another who will go way out of their way to make sure your day lives up to your needs and your dreams. 

I’ll always remember Matt and Megan for their humor and good grace while wondering what they would feed their guests, and Jennifer Stevens, of Ambrosia Cake Creations, who I will recommend to all my couples as someone who has professional heart to go along with her excellent skills.  By the way, I saw on her web site that she provides, gratis, an anniversary cake to couples whose wedding cake she makes.  What a thoughtful gesture.

Thanks to Mike Phongas of MP Photography for the 'before' shot.  I took the after with my Droid.  I'll have more pictures of Megan and Matt's wedding soon.  It was really wonderful.  They didn't let any sugar blues dampen their day at all.  Kudos to them.  They were a joy to marry!

So let me tell you more about that!
The back patio of the chateau is a perfect place for a small ceremony.
To show off Megan's playful side, she had lime green shoes that matched my stole exactly.

For those of you who have never seen the chateau, it was built and designed with just this purpose in mind.  It's European decorations are gracious and lovely from every aspect.

Matt and Megan did not know their cake would be so beautifully redeemed at this moment.  Yet it was.

And they went on to have a very joyful reception.
I hope our paths cross in future.  They're a couple who are grounded in the important ways that life moves: in love, in family and in friendship.  And they also got to eat cake.

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