Monday, May 2, 2011

Charlie and Laurel Marry on Easter Weekend and Celebrate the Season

The Celebrity Dairy in Siler City is a special place even in ordinary times, but at Easter with little goslings all around and even the cat feeling the spring abundance it was wonderful. And I'm so glad because Laurel and Charlie came all the way from my home town of Berkeley, CA to be married here.

Laurel and Charlie are a creative and fun loving couple who have been planning their wedding for over a year because they wanted it to reflect their values. And one of their big values was to have it be green. As I remember, Laurel even made the paper for her invitations. Their creativity was all through the preparations and the ceremony and it made their wedding unique and especially joyful.

Their families both entered into the spirit of the occasion with them. They were relaxed and playful and no one stressed the small stuff.

Charlie sewed his own overalls. I'm impressed. I know how to sew and tailoring is not easy. And in a feeling of kindred spirits, the fathers also wore overalls. Charlie also made Laurel's bouquet with the huge artichoke gracing it - that they would eat later.

Their band out of Asheville was excellent and goes by the name, Southern Exposure Sustainable String Band. They do travel so if you want square dancing at your wedding and or lovely mountain music, find them. They played Ashokan Farewell for the processional which is one of my very favorites. They won me over right there.

Photographer and friend Jenn Ross of Jenn Ross Photography in Flagstaff Arizona shared her pictures with me so you'll see lots of pictures and you won't question why. They tell a story of a real celebration. And this is only the ceremony. I could see that dancing would follow after folks had eaten the delicious vegetarian buffet prepared by the dairy, but I had to leave. But not before sampling the varied and very spectacular goat cheeses and fruit on display.

Charlie and Laurel entered their ceremony together from the dairy great room, immediately following their pixie like flower girl in the green of the season.

Laurel and Charlie embraced the Easter theme and we created a ceremony which honored the season of rebirth and the special role that eggs play in this season. Hold that thought....more later.

Their friend Shawna led us in a meditation focusing on the heart center that's also the source of the heart of the universe, the breath inside the breath. It was wonderful and it softened and opened our hearts to the moment and to the spirit of the love we were sharing and celebrating.

Remember the eggs theme of the season. Instead of a sand ceremony or a unity candle, Charlie and Laurel scrambled two eggs knowing that the omelet they create together will be doubly nourishing for their marriage. We all loved the imagery and the playfulness of it, and the rooster from the dairy called his approval a few times, too.

Some of the words of their vows said, "I want to live with you just as your are. You are my beloved and best friend. I choose you above all other as my partner to share my life. I promise to cherish and encourage you through all the endings and new beginnings of our lives.'

And I loved how they kissed with gusto. No opportunity lost here.

Then we showered them with lavender as they left the ceremony and the yard smelled sweet for hours.

Charlie and Laurel formed a receiving line at the door, then folks entered the house for the buffet and took their plates out back to tables ready for them. The dairy does a wonderful job at hospitality and good food!

I loved the day. It started my Easter weekend with great rejoicing. Later their would be dancing and an Easter Egg hunt for the children. These folks know how to party.

I wish them many many blessings. They are truly a couple who know how to make a banquet of life and love in all the simple ways that are real and true. I loved being a part of their wedding.

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