Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mike and Christina Wed on May Day at Their Log Cabin in the Woods

Mike and Christina have been friends for a long time since they were members of the last congregation I served as parish minister.  It was a treat when they contacted me to marry them on May 1st at their home in Hillsborough.  I don't have any official photos yet but I snapped these with my DROID since I knew that Mike and Christina would be traveling for some time, first on business, then to Finland and Russia for their honeymoon and I wanted to make sure I had the moment captured.

Theirs was first a small ceremony for close family and friends at noon, then a larger gathering at 2PM.  Their home had been a place of many family events over the years so it was only fitting that they marry here as well.

Here they are with dear friend, Gerald who spoke words of introduction and welcome during the ceremony that were written by Mike and Christina. 

Here the three are joined by Gerald's wife Kathleen and her mother Mary.  All wonderful people.  All family to Mike and Christina.

Christina and Mike have been together 7 years already and they are still very much in love..  Christina says that Mike is a man for all seasons and Mike says that Christina's smile still lights up his heart and every room she enters.  They're a delight and I wish them many many wonderful years full of love.

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