Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eddie and Sam Wed in The Storms of April 16

I thoroughly enjoyed Samantha and Eddie. They have openhearted, fun loving, and straight forward natures that are infectious to be around. I'd been planning their wedding with them since last August when we met, through all the changes that come from planning an important event, to their moment of commitment. They put a lot of thought into their ceremony and wanted it to be a real celebration of their love. And it was, rain and all.

They got married at their home in Pittsboro, with Sam's uncle walking Sam down the aisle. And being the practical people they are, they had not only 1 tent but three - one for the ceremony, one for the food and one for the guest book table. And it's a good thing they did, for 1/2 way through their wedding the skies opened up with the storm of April 16th. We were really glad the tornadoes missed us. But luckily we didn't know that yet.

Sam had prepared by wearing her cowboy boots under her dress, and the rains came straight down so the guests didn't get wet and we didn't miss a beat in finishing their ceremony. Even my sound system kept working. Then in a break in the storms, after the ceremony, Eddie and Sam took a smoke break in the front yard and they went on to party.

And I bet it was a good one. (At the next let up in the rain, I needed to leave so sprinted to the car.) These are fun loving generous people. 


 And I wish them a world of happiness.

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