Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chad and Jennifer Wed Between Rain Drops on May 7th at Duke Gardens

On May 6th it was my delight to marry Chad and Jennifer.  They're such a fun loving couple who had been together 10 and 1/2 years, both with a large group of close friends and both very close to their families, and each others' family.  It was a celebration that everyone took joy in.  They also are close to their 2 dogs and 2 cats, but they had to stay home.

Thank you to Jeffrey Minnish of Jeffrey Minnish Photography for the good shots.  The bad shots are from my DROID.  I really admire how Jeffrey found all the beautiful backdrops at the Sarah P Duke Center to use for the photos after the ceremony when it was pouring down.  Here's a photo of the rain after the ceremony.  NC has such amazing rain storms.  No dainty showers here.  The skies open and it pours.

The photo above is from my DROID.  In Jeffrey Mannish's photo below you can see how we were trying to keep Jennifer's veil from blowing into her bride's maids.  It was a windy day!

 More wind evidence in the processional.  But we were all soooo glad that we got to have the wedding outside at all.  It was touch and go.  And it worked!  Here Jennifer is processing with her father.  His grin is almost as big as hers.


Here I am trying to get out of the way when they kissed.  I like to keep from being the floating head behind the shot that the photographer has to try to photo shop.

This is a lovely shot that Jeffrey took from the back of the gardens during the ceremony.  I hope it can be enlarged because it's such a unique angle and the reflections in the pool are so lovely.

It's so easy to rely on nature, but photographer Jeffrey Minnish's eye for architectural beauty to border his pictures was really lovely. 


We were VERY lucky that Friday evening to JUST have enough time to have the wedding outside before the skies opened and the rains poured for the whole rest of the evening.  But it didn't dampen their spirits at all.  I loved the sunshine that they brought into the ceremony with their wonderful colors of coral and mint.  In an outdoor setting you need colors that will show up against all the greens and browns and these did, with all the exuberance of their joy and playfulness.

A special treat for me at Jennifer and Chad's wedding was their Maid of Honor, Hayden.  She handled all the planning details with aplomb and it was a huge gift to Jennifer.  I loved seeing that friendship and Hayden's clear way of handling all the details with such grace.

The above picture is from my DROID. You can sure tell can't you.  (I'm shopping right now for a little good camera that I can keep in my pocket.)  I just had to capture their colorfulness.  It was so lovely and livened up the room tremendously.  It just looked so celebratory I bet it overcame any rainy day doldrums that might have tried to sneak in. 

Randy Bennett of Joe Bunn DJ Company was, as always, impeccable.  Some of his equipment got soaked in the rain during the reception.  I sure hope it wasn't ruined.

So many professionals help to make the event seamless.  The staff at The Sarah P Duke Center were great.  Jennifer and Chad's cake was by Savory Fare Catering in Durham as was their food.  Classic Party Rentals provided their linens, and Deb at Watered Garden was their florist.

They brighten up my day just by looking at these pictures.  I wish them every happiness and feel sure they'll have it.

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